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Powder Coating Service


Powder coating eliminates the environmental concerns present in wet paint operations and results in superior appearance and durability, as well as offering unlimited color choice in high gloss, low gloss, metallics and textures.

Parts Begin Their Journey

7 Stage Pretreatment

From the load station, products are conveyed through an alkaline wash,  that eliminates any process contaminates,  followed by a clear water rinse.  Next, they are treated by an iron phosphate fluoride enhancer which creates a cross hatch surface for better adhesion and again clear-water rinsed.  A rinse seal is then applied, followed by a dionized water halo rinse that promotes sheeting of water and prevents spotting.  After leaving the blow off station, the product goes through a dry off oven and is professionally inspected and painting begins.  



We are an approved vendor for many manufacturers with exacting standards, including the United States government, the automotive, construction and appliance industries.

In addition to many other capabilities that we offer some important areas germane to powder coating we provide you are Custom Finishes, Moulding, and Engineering.


Powder coatings have gained widespread acceptance because they produce a high quality, durable product that performs well, is cost effective and can be applied without harming the environment. This is truly the finish of the future. Powder coatings:

Powder Line Trolley

  • Resist corrosion, abrasion and weather deterioration
  • Do not run, drip or sag
  • Are ideal for primer-surfacing
  • Provide greater smoothness

We're proud of our product and we feel good about providing a quality job at an honest value.

Painted Loader Buckets

In the Photo at the left you can get a pretty good idea of the size and capacity  of the many and varied items we are able to process.  These "front end loader" buckets are just one of the larger items we accept.  Push the yellow bar and allow us to serve you.

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