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Metal Cutting High Definition Plasma / Laser


Our High Definition Plasma Cutting capabilities rival other more expensive procedures without sacrificing part accuracy. The exact specifications can be found in the sheets following this front page.Plasma Cutting OperationWe, are in addition to holding close tolerance on such diverse materials as mild and stainless steels and aluminum up to .500 of an inch, also able to accept large sheets up to and including 72 X 144" like the piece shown in the photograph.  Products include services rendered the automotive, farm implement and aerospace community.  Worldwide service and availability.  Your quotes are as important to us as they are to you and are expedited within 24 hours.


We are geared towards meeting your needs with very short notice from you.Bulkhead We make it a habit not to compete against our own customers. As you can see from the photo of the bulkhead below  we do have the capabilities (often within our own integrated facilities -  even for such diverse skills as Robotic Welding  and  Powder Coating).  So while we prefer to concentrate on HyDefinition Part Cutting we stand ready to assist with the procurement  and fabrication needs of all our customers as their requirements dictate.  

Our little friend Dino  Samplesgives you an idea of the varied  and intricate projects  we are ready to take on for you.  Standing almost two feet tall and consisting of nearly  one hundred individually fitted  parts Dino is a good example  of the accuracy we can consistently provide.  We are eager to confer with you on your special projects no matter how difficult, interesting  and Dino.  

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