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Horz Ver Milling Mach


This large combination horizontal & vertical milling machine  with a 1000 Lb. payload capacity within  a 5 feet X 2 feet X 2 feet cube is but  one of the machines at our disposal but a valuable  tool for certain kinds of machining that  would benefit from not changing  the set up when moving from a horizontal  to vertical mode and visa versa as such a  change usually will effect accuracy.  


View of Lathes 


In addition to rebuilding just about  any size machine in place we boast a large in house  compliment of mills, lathes, grinders, planers and boring mills with  up to 12 linear feet bed capacity should you elect to send us your machine  we are prepared to: 

  • Hand scrape your ways, nearly a dead art, that assures you of the highest possible practical accuracy.
  • Utilize laser and Starrett precision level alignment techniques.
  • Provide all machine electrical controls up to and including total machine rewire.
  • Give you complete "turn key" set up for your machine or production processes and/or equipment.
  • Prototype machinery is also available. We have made from scratch and delivered such diverse items as a wire straightening machine for medical application and a prototype collard green chopping machine for the agriculture industry.
  • Finally we are prepared at your instructions to travel at a moments notice to any site and fabricate and facilitate repair or rebuild to your machinery specifications.

 Boring Mach and Radial DrillA parting shot of our #4 Morse taper boring mill with precision rotary table and 5 foot X 5 foot swing. In the foreground of the picture at left our 2 inch radial drill is shown.

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