Aerofast Industries

Die (Brake) Regrinding and Machinery Repair & Rebuilding


Hydraulic Planer 12 '

Brake Die and Shear Blade Regrinding

We are able to affect milling & grinding up to 12 linear feet X 4 feet wide X 3 feet high.  We rework not only press brake dies, but shear blades as well.  We can hold tolerances to within .001 in 12 feet.With over a 4,000 Lb.  load capacity dies and blades are well within our capacity for that process.  

Notice that the in the photo to the left that the planer  is grinding a shear blade on the side  (normally the top or bottom of the shear blade) and although pockets or shoulders are not  encountered here they are found on brake dies. By grinding the die flat the important association of how the die will be used  in service is maintained along with the precision of the original setup.  


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